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Why Sport for Face and not another technique?

  • Sport for Face capable of lifting muscles and the facial skin in a natural way, tones and models face, neck and décolleté, fills lips, cheekbones, and nasolabial folds with new muscle mass.
  • After the failures of other techniques that often left new wrinkles and facial folds, Sport for Face has been studied from a medical scientific point of view in order to work with the muscular system avoiding moving the skin and to prevent the formation of new wrinkles, as opposed to what happens with another method. Sport for Face is not only effective but also absolutely safe!
  • This technique not only an alternative but also an integrative practice for aesthetic medicine/surgery.
  • Already 20 years many celebrities and VIP successfully practice Sport for Face.
  • This technique can solve many post-factum problems and side effects major or minor aesthetic surgery.
  • Sport for Face stands out for its wide variety of exercises: 60 exercises. This wealth allows you to create personalized programs and also to work with maximum comfort and effectiveness.
  • Sport for Face really works not only to improve the aesthetics of the face, neck, décolleté, improves drainage of swellings, but also, through yoga breathing and the stimulation of biologically active points.
  • It’s the only technique of all that also works with the lymphatic system and provides drainage before and after the lesson to avoid swelling.
  • This technique fights aging globally and has no contra-indications and relapses, it is suitable for all ages and is recommended for both women and men. Some of the exercises are easy, while others require minimum coordination. The longest exercise lasts 2 minutes and the shortest 15 seconds in combination with yoga breathing.