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Sport for Face

Do not be afraid that the contractions of the muscles of the face, so to speak grimaces, may create new wrinkles and expression lines, on the contrary, with the Sport for Face exercises a new and correct muscle memory is formed, the skin is stretched, strengthened and toned and wrinkles and lines are erased. In the same way as you can sculpt your body with physical exercises, so you can shape the face with Sport for Face.The method has been studied in order to work with the muscular system avoiding moving the skin and to prevent the formation of new wrinkles, as opposed to what happens with other facial gymnastics techniques. The facial skin lies on facial muscles, and when we release the muscles they no longer sustain the oval of the face and, due to the force of gravity, the tissues start sagging.And it is the face that ages before the body because the face and hands are the only parts of the body exposed naked to sun, wind, cold and all external dangers. Besides, the facial muscles are very thin and lose their tone before those of the body. If not used a muscle undergoes, over time, a progressive atrophy. People spend a lot of time in the gym, practice different disciplines to train the body, consume a large amount of energy to acquire a gratifying level of fitness. What about face? And face muscles? They are forgotten ! There are, in fact, 57 thin superficial muscles, which respond quickly to contraction and strength, shaping the forms and lines of the face and neck. The development of the facial muscles allows to compensate for the loss volume, contributes to keeping the bone structure in position, acts on the skin by making it more nourished and oxygenated. It also improves the texture of the epidermis and stimulates the production of collagen that makes the skin more elastic.Facial muscles are, in fact, attached directly to the skin, and when they are toned up they pull the skin and shape cheekbones, lips and nose. In addition, they reduce eye bags, double chin and nasolabial folds, tone eyelids and neck, and refine the contours of the face. Contraction of facial muscles stimulates microcirculation which gives a brighter colour to the face, and even strengthens hair growth.Through muscle contraction the natural process of cell regeneration responsible for the longevity of the tissues is stimulated. The result is a brighter and fresher skin.

Sport for Face
is composed of:

1. Exercises for the muscles of the face, neck and décolletéusing the resistance of the fingers or hands

2. Yoga breathing
3. Exercises to improve eyesight
4. Exercises that stimulate the trigger zones and biologicallyactive points of the face, neck and ears

5. Exercises that stimulate blood circulation, metabolismand tissue trophism

6. Exclusive technique – detail of self-massage

7. Cosmetic products of next generation

Sport for Face is an optimal and risk-free solution to maintain a young-looking and vital face.