LIFTING GYM® cosmetic products

represent the most advanced frontier in anti-aging dermocosmetics.
They are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens

The LIFTING GYM® creams and Silk Gel are the result of an innovative project to make each cream universal, are enriched with nutritive substances and ozone to oxygenate the skin, or as an activator of the biological reactions of fibroblasts that produce elastin and collagen, and are suitable as day or night creams on the face, eye contour and décolleté.

Made in Italy Omega Farm

Beauty System

it is universal, suitable for all ages and has no contraindications, suitable for all ages. It is recommended for women and men as a complete anti -aging treatment day and night.

Face kit
BASIC Program

is composed of 3 beauty products:

  1. 6 in 1 nanotechnology filler
  2. Silk gel
  3. Basic cream 24 h

240 € 110€

Face kit

is composed of 4 beauty products:

  1. 6 in 1 nanotechnology filler
  2. Silk gel
  3. Anti-aging cream
  4. Self-massage video course (DVD)

250 € 120€

6 in 1 Filler

With nano technologies “filling spheres” in an absolutely innovative cosmetic powder product based on the use of hygroscopic material which forms spheres is a revolutionary cosmetic filler, perfectly replaces your face care day cream, foundation and powder and makes the skin smoother and matte.

The exclusive formula of LIFTING GYM® 6 in 1 Filler was initially developed for facial gymnastics: by applying it on the face before performing exercises it prevents fingers from slipping, thus the results of this practice are improbe

At first these spheres are dehydrated, then, whenever applied, they fill up with water which naturally permeates the skin. By means of this hydration process, the spheres’ moisture retaining capacity determines their change in volume and entices significant, rapid and safe results.

How does LIFTING GYM® 6 in 1 Filler work?

Very small and dehydrated hyaluronic acid spheres penetrate the skin folds and swell in presence of water in the upper skin layer. The effect is similar to a molecular sponge, it dilates the spheres and their volume changes and exerts pressure towards the surface causing an almost immediate smoothing of the skin surface. These hyaluronic acid molecules are perfectly tolerated by the epidermis, they are dehydrated and incorporated in the oil phase of the formulation of LIFTING GYM® 6 in 1 Filler to penetrate far deep into the skin. When they are applied to facial skin depressions, they swell by taking up water evaporating from the skin thanks to the TWL (transepidermal water loss). This physical action entails a change in the volume of spheres up to 30 times: deep wrinkles and expression lines immediate improve together with long lasting hydration of the epidermis upper layer.

A real alternative

This innovative silky and fine textured cosmetic powder deeply nourishes the skin thanks to nanotechnologies and anti-aging advanced research. It contains hyaluronic acid microspheres which are used in nanotechnologies and guarantee a deep tissue penetration. Thanks to its brilliant formulation and unique features LIFTING GYM® 6 in 1 Filler is a revolutionary product which satisfies all needs. It’s an excellent hydrating filler with Hyaluronic acid microspheres. A very fine grade of powder by Dow Corning® allows hyaluronic acid microspheres to deeply hydrate the skin while excellent antioxidants and revitalizers such as Q10, vitamins A and E, together with precious ozonized oils, oxygenate and nourish the skin. Biological natural pigments ensure an immediate aesthetic effect. Hyaluronic acid has a high water retaining capacity thus it is able to smooth out deep wrinkles and promotes overall facial beauty and rejuvenation. LIFTING GYM® 6 in 1 Filler suits all different skin types. It is finely scented, itoxygenates the skin and is immediately absorbed making it smooth and silky. Thanks to its immediate aesthetic effect it is extremely effective for oily skin, open pores and scars.Biological pigments give a natural colour to the product.In hot weather months LIFTING GYM® 6 in 1 Filler perfectly replaces your face care day cream, foundation and powder and makes the skin smoother and matte.

Instruction leale

LIFTING GYM® 6 in 1 Filler is made of a mix of powders and precious oils such as the ozonized sunflower oil, chamomille essential oil and a Dow Corning® skin lightning formulation. Besides producing an immediate effect with wrinkle filling, thanks to the formula active principles it significantly prevents and reduces age-related wrinkling and sagging of the skin.


  • Hyaluronic acid microspheres which are used in nanotechnologies, allow the substance to penetrate in tissue depressions, open up inside and get filled with surrounding water.Thanks to their hygroscopic activity they fill and saturatewrinkles from the inside out by plumping up and firming the treated portions of the skin;
  • Vitamin A maintains and protects the structural and functional integrity of the skin;
  • Vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant, protects from age-related oxidative damage and degeneration phenomena of cell membranes structure;
    Q10 Coenzyme, a powerful antioxidant, fights the free radicals which cause the aging of the skin
  • Ozone oxygenates the skin.

50 € 40€

Silk gel (50ml)

This successful cosmetic product provides immediate anti-aging effects It is combined with high performance active ingredients which slow down the biological relentless skin aging process caused by a number of factors, from genetics to the environment.

Main ingredients of the formula include: Ozonated Argan Oil – This extremely precious oil is used in the cosmetics industry for its antioxidant properties that sooth, hydrate, definitely repair skin and improve its elasticity. It is one of the most active oils for skin rejuvenation as it reduces wrinkle formation, makes the skin smooth and helps prevent skin irritations. Aloe Vera – Extracts from Aloe Vera are widely used in cosmetics for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

85 € 80€

Anti-âge cream (50ml)

This product is complete and fit for use on the face, neck and décolleté, both for nighrt and day use. Thanks to its ingredients and with the association with anti-aging substances, it allows a rapid regeneration of the skin while restoring its vital functions

As a matter of fact the formulator, respecting the “rationale” of the product, combines hydrating, nutritive and anti oxydant substances in a masterly mixture. Ingredients:Vitamin A slows down the phenomena of skin senescence; Vitamin E promotes the regenerative processes of damaged tissues; Ozonated sunflower oil to oxygenate the skin NMF, a natural hydration factor, maintains the water balance of the skin; Green tea, used in all cases, as a purifying and anti-aging substance; Coenzyme Q10, a very strong antioxidant, counteracts all skin degeneration processes.

30 €  25€

Basic Cream 24 h (50ml)

The product is universal and suitable for use on the face, eye area, neck and décolleté, both day and night. Thanks to its fundamental constituents, it restores the hydrolipidic balance of the skin and is valid within 24 hours

The active ingredients contained in it are the following: Shea Butter – it is a mixture of fatty substances rich in vitamin A and E, with nourishing, protective, elasticizing and firming properties; Marine Collagen – fundamental protein of the connective tissue, maintains the structural quality of the skin, preventing dehydration and maintaining its elasticity and tone. Hyaluronic acid – produced by our organism, so that, besides being perfectly bio compatible, it maintains the right degree of skin hydration; Ozonated sunflower oil; Vitamin A and E act as antioxidants to maintain the structural integrity of the skin.

30 € 20€

After applying cream on the face, it is necessary to massage the skin to allow the penetration into the skin tissue. This allows the active ingredients contained in the cream to carry out their action. Otherwise, they remain on the surface of the skin where, in contact with the air, they oxidize and change into other substances that do not possess the same qualities. In the market there are a lot of cosmetic products with few instructions on how to apply them. The LIFTING GYM® System goes beyond, offering innovative solutions that ensure overall effectiveness.

Dr. Sacchetti, formulator of functional cosmetics

Peptides for Face

Protein molecules in cosmetics have been used for a long time. Cosmetics with collagen, elastin or keratin, but their action is only superficial. The molecules are too large, which excludes their penetration through the stratum corneum. In contrast, the peptide protein is so small that it penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin and enters the cell nucleus. They give the body a command to “remember” that a young state effectively triggers the general processes of rejuvenation or weight loss. That is why we use Italian professional cosmetic products with peptides in the Sport for Face program.
Peptides are compounds whose molecules consist of protein residues linked together by peptide (amide) bonds. Currently, peptides are the most important and famous in cosmetology and medicine, because their effect is fast, and the results are quite impressive.
The functions that peptides perform in the skin:
– stimulate the formation of collagen;
– increase skin elasticity;
– relieve inflammation and stimulate regeneration processes;
– contribute to the restoration of blood microcirculation;
– increase the natural mechanisms of antioxidant protection;
– control the formation of melanin.
Thanks to these qualities, the skin becomes smooth, supple, moisturized, and the depth of wrinkles decreases. The skin looks young and glowing.
Not so long ago, scientists from British University of Reading announced the discovery of a peptide that has almost no effect on collagen – a protein necessary to maintain skin elasticity in adulthood. A confirmed study demonstrates that a peptide called “argireline” causes inflammation of collagen loss in the skin, which significantly increases its elasticity, wrinkles are reduced to 50%.

1) Botox-like peptides PeptyFluid Firming Interferes with the transmission of impulses from nerve fibers to the facial muscles and does not block impulses like Botox. Thanks to other valuable ingredients, intensively rejuvenate the skin.

2) Peptides for restoration of the dermal matrix PeptyFluid Rinovet contain argirelin. The special structure of this molecule allows you to overcome the epidermal barrier without a syringe needle. The molecular composition of this product freely penetrates the desired depth of the skin, stimulates and has a beneficial effect on the production of new collagen, contributing to the skin regeneration process.
3) Peptides for carbonaceous skin PeptyFluid Dermopur effectively imprinted acne and inflammatory processes, and also improve the texture of the skin, rejuvenating it.

Professional brush for lymphatic and anti-cellulite massage

This is an indispensable tool in the Slimming & Tonus program. This brush is perfectly prepared for the release of peptides for the body.

First you need to rub the brush on dry skin buttocks, legs and abdomen, and also prefer your hands for 10 minutes. Thus, the tissue warms up, blood circulation improves and the barrier of dead cells is killed. Then you need to lose weight tank to PeptyFluid Slimming (for example).

After 30 minutes, pull out the plastic and you can continue to exercise or walk.

Peptides for Body

The Sport for Face program successfully uses for its own purposes.
1) PeptyFluid Slimming for weight loss – contains the peptide Esa-Peptide-9, which quickly and efficiently breaks down fats, stimulates collagen at the cellular level, and also contains valuable herbal ingredients for weight loss – fucus and caffeine.

2) PeptyFluid Ederma Fibrosclerotic (for edematous cellulite) contains the Esa-Peptide-9 peptide, plant extracts, proteins, sage, as well as iodine, bromline and carnitine, which stimulate the activation of fatty acids. This product stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen and keratin, restores skin tone and relieves swelling very effectively.

3) PeptyFluid Remodel has a restoring effect at the cellular level, thanks to the peptides arginine, proline, lysine, leucine and the plant extract of centella and ginkgo biloba. This effective composition of ingredients counteracts skin relaxation, promotes epidermal tissue, promotes active collagen production, has elasticity, skin tone and compactness.

You can purchase these peptides for professional use in aesthetic salons, as well as for sport’s training and coaching.

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